Forensic Psychiatry Consulting

Forensic Psychiatry Consulting

A group of associated and experienced forensic psychiatrists and forensic psychologists who provide a range of services to the legal profession and beyond.

Forensic Psychiatry Consulting offer:

  • Medicolegal assessments & reports
  • Training

Forensic Psychiatry Consulting is based in Sydney, Australia. 

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Forensic Psychiatry Consulting members regularly peer review their work and if necessary can work collectively to address complex issues.

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Areas of Expertise

Forensic Psychiatry Consulting members have a range of expertise in criminal and civil forensic psychiatry, including:

  • Insanity (not guilty by reason of mental illness, NGMI)
  • Substantial impairment (diminished responsibility)
  • Fitness to stand trial
  • Court diversion (s32 & s33 NSW Mental Health (Forensic Provisions) Act 1990)
  • Automatism
  • Memory disorders
  • Sentencing reports
  • Violence risk assessment and management (including sexual violence risk)
  • Problematic behaviours (inappropriate sexual behaviour, threats, stalking, fire setting, impulsive aggression etc.)
  • NSW Workcover assessment
  • NSW Motor Accidents Authority assessment
  • Testamentary capacity
  • Fitness for duty
  • Return to work assessment

Medicolegal Reports

Forensic Psychiatry Consulting members have experience in providing medicolegal reports and expert evidence for:

  • The range of Courts in New South Wales (including Local, District and Supreme Court) for the defence and prosecution
  • NSW Workcover
  • NSW Motor Accidents Authority

Forensic Psychiatry Consulting members only accept instructions for a medicolegal assessment from a recognised legal or insurance body.

Please contact us if you would like to make a referral or if you have an enquiry.

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Forensic Psychiatry Consulting offers training focusing on a variety of different psychiatric topics.

We offer a range of training packages, from one-hour through to one-day workshops. We can also work with you to provide bespoke training catering to your specific needs.

Please contact us with any training enquiries.

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